Behind the Business

15th June 2021

This week we're hearing from Deborah Munson from Baagi Milaygiin.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

My Name is Deb Munson, a proud Gomeroi women from Coonabarabran living on the mid North Coast of Port Macquarie. I have a background in the hair and beauty industry for thirty-eight years, I own and operate Baagi Milaygiin. My grandmother is Gomeroi and other nana Smith is Darug they both have passed down their healing knowledge this has been a gift to both my three daughters and I.

Touch therapy, is when with permission from the client we heal with the guidance of our elders, I heal and bring balance with healing hands, bush essence and smoke. Healing also helps eliminate toxins.

Can you tell us about your business?

Baagi Milaygiin means “grandmothers’ spirit” in Gomeroi language,

we provide a therapeutic bush beauty product range they are made using Australian Native plant-based ingredients. Products include balms, clay masks, oils, cleansers, moisturisers, after sun spray and more. These bush beauty products have been created from knowledge handed down to me while incorporating them into modern products for spa treatments with healing properties. My products are beautifully created and allow women to feel nourished nurtured, and pampered.

I have extensive experience working with our sisters in well being and have frequently been called upon by community to deliver workshops for our youth. Targeting self-esteem, coming into womanhood, and standing in your power as a woman.

Industry do you operate in and for how long?

I specialise in the health and beauty Industry for thirty-eight years. With IBA’s support we had two business loans in the early 90’s with my first hair salon “Deb’s Shearing Shed” in Coonabarabran and inspirations hair studio “Geurie 2000”. Once I paid these loan’s back the rest was history, my hair business money funded my beauty business and now, we are 100% owned and all money goes back into the business. We currently have twenty- two assorted native trees in our property as we harvest three for our bush oil, we have native bees and honey, chooks and fruit trees

Is there any other information or encouragement you would like to share with other Indigenous Women?

I recommend women to attend the IBA business start-up workshops, they are so important if you are wanting to start your own business.

We have had many wholesale corporate orders which we have to be thankful for as COVID -19 moved us to the online market, we now have a website and social media accounts. You can also find us at “Blak Markets on Bare Island” and at “NAIDOC Stall” in Sydney.

I recommend checking out “Trading Blak” and “Jarrin Street” as they are our No:1 stockist at moment, Discovery Centre Baradine Warrumbungles also stock our products.

Would love to Connect!

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