Behind the Business

30th June 2021

This week we’re hearing from Mooki Pen.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m Mooki from Mooki Pen. I am a proud Meriam/Badu woman who currently is residing on Aboriginal Land - Meanjin. I am married to a wonderful Samoan man and we share three beautiful children.

Can you tell us about your business?

I run an art business under my pen name, Mooki Pen where I express my connection to my Zenadth Kes cultural heritage and sell on various merchandise such as art prints and now clothing.

Industry do you operate in and for how long?

I started my business seriously one year ago and started off doing custom illustrations then moved onto my own art prints. Just recently, I discovered a new style of art inspired by Zenadth Kes contemporary art.

Four years ago, I discovered my talent in art, while I was nursing my eldest daughter. I picked up a led pencil and some old scrap paper and started doodling away. At the time, I was a university drop out, met my husband, got married and just had our first baby all within one whole year. I had a lot of people tell me that I made a mistake and that it was too late for me to ‘enjoy life’ because I settled down too quickly.

Is there any other information or encouragement you would like to share with other Indigenous Women?

The words of encouragement I would like to share particularly for mothers that feel limited is that:

“No one gave us a guide of identity change from being on your own to having the responsibility as a mother. We learn our own way and sometimes we learn that it is no longer about us, it is about the children. Well… let me say this. Who said we had to choose between you or your children? I say we choose both! Children are blessings. They are not a prevention, they are an extension. You can achieve anything you want and more, you just have to find yourself all over again.”

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