NAIDOC In the Park

15th October 2018 , Bronwyn Cochrane, CEO & Founder of TIPIAC

Naidoc In The Park Panel
Rachelle Towart, Bonnie Cochrane, Alison Page and Dionne Connolly

The theme for 2018 NAIDOC celebration ‘Because of Her, We Can’ touched my heart and soul. I felt like this theme gave me permission to stand tall as an Aboriginal entrepreneur. Having a theme that celebrates all the strong, beautiful women in our communities and families gave rise to an energy that grew and enabled not just me but lots of other strong black women to step up and stand tall.

To be given the opportunity to speak on a panel of Indigenous women in business at the 2018 NAIDOC celebrations in Hyde Park, Sydney was a dream come true. I mean this literally! During the Strong Women, Strong Business conference in Adelaide, S.A earlier during the year I was inspired by Alison Page and Dionne Connolly. These ladies just blew me away at how deadly and strong they are. I came away from this event feeling uplifted, inspired and with a fire burning in my belly! I actually said to myself I want to be sitting next to these beautiful strong women in the future. WOW, I couldn’t believe it when I was asked to actually sit on a panel with them only 3 months after saying this to myself!

It amazes me what we can do when we believe in ourselves and our ideas. Having that great support system helps immensely too. I launched TIPIAC at the beginning of 2018 and now I find myself sitting next to women who have been in business for over 20 years! What a proud moment it was for me sitting next to three beautifully strong, resilient, inspiring business women. Hearing Alison, Dionne and Rachelle speak about their experiences of being Indigenous business owners gave me hope for the future not just myself but for all those other women coming up. With strong leaders like this we are definitely in great hands.

Listening to Dionne talk about working in a male dominated industry was truly inspiring. When we as women get to share our experiences with each other it inspires us to be innovative and use strategies that enable us to overcome any lows we are faced with. Having strong networks and friends that we can call on for advice is priceless.

To be able to speak on the Indigenous Business Australia’ s (IBA) women in business panel during NAIDOC week was such an awesome way to celebrate the contributions of our strong, deadly Indigenous women. A great way to celebrate those who have paved the way not just for us as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women but for our nation as a whole to move forward into a brighter future where equality matters, and can be achieved! ­­­­ Thank you IBA for investing in our women in business!

Bronwyn Cochrane

CEO & Founder of TIPIAC