World Indigenous Business Forum, Rotroua

1st November 2018 , Kathryn Potter, Managing Director; Physiotherapy Innovations

Wibf Iba Delegation
Matt Mewburn, Elspeth Finney, Ian Woods, Wally Tallis, Rene Woods, Adam Lam, Graeme Smith, Kathryn Potter, Kia Dowell, Rebecca Hall, Julie Williams

You can imagine my surprise when I received a call from Wally Tallis who informed me that I was one of a group of people chosen to represent their business at the World Indigenous Forum in Rotarua New Zealand. I was absolutely elated that my business was one of the lucky ones chosen to attend this prestigious event. The irony was that when I received the phone call I was only days away from my first business trip to New Zealand to officially launch my respiratory product, the Therabubble. This was to be my first export adventure and I could not believe that I would be visiting New Zealand again so soon.

Meeting the other business owners started at the airport with non-stop yarning on the plane. This networking was the first highlight of my trip and I enjoyed meeting like-minded business owners and sharing our stories of our individual hurdles and successes. I have continued to keep in touch with a number of people from this group as our bond through business has grown stronger.

The fun started with a pre-conference event including some cultural tours and a welcoming ceremony not to be forgotten. My greatest take away from the event was to experience first-hand the commonalities that we all shared, no matter where in the world we were from. It was clear that many businesses strived to improve conditions for the future Indigenous generations. The successes that were shared provided great inspiration and encouraged me to continue to do what I could with the support of the integral values of the business. I came home more empowered and inspired with a greater fire building in my belly to work on new projects to allow me to do more for our Australian Indigenous People.

The greatest moment for me was when a young group of males performed the Haka at the dinner event. The pride, strength, passion and vivaciousness displayed bought goose bumps to my arms and tears to my eyes. I am unsure if the Mouri people really understand the positive impact their tangible pride has on other Indigenous cultures and wonder if they know how many of us look up to them with regards to a path forward. It was heart-warming to hear the Mouri people tell me that they felt they had a long way to go and that not enough had been done for their people and culture. I slept well knowing that we have strong leaders all around the globe and that together, through business, we can act responsibly, be stronger together, continue to make a difference and never stop striving for Utopia.

You can find my 1 minute pitch at the conference via facebook here

Kathryn Potter

Managing Director; Physiotherapy Innovations