Strong women.
Strong Business.

It's all about you. The Strong Women Strong Business Platform is a culturally safe place for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business women to access mentorship, online learning, resources, inspiration and support.
Strong women strong business

Benefits of joining

  • Find a mentor, or be a mentor (or both!)
  • Get support and advice from women who've been there before
  • Access tailored support to build your business skills
  • Grow your network and community of support
  • Be inspired by other Indigenous business women

How it works

  • Register your interest and we'll tailor the content to meet your specific stage of business, and business needs
  • Build your relationships with your peers, and through mentorship
  • Learn new business skills at your own pace
  • Get inspired and contribute to this amazing community
It only takes a few minutes

Having a Mentor

Finding a mentor
“I always say to anyone who wants to start business, go and get a mentor. You need somebody you can have a conversation with and an open and honest conversation.”
Helen Martin
Banubanu Beach Resort

Become a mentor

Being a mentor
“The stand out for me when I was a mentoring other young people and young women in particular was, when they might have said to me that they were, until that moment, feeling invisible.”
Rebecca Wessels
Ochre Dawn Creative Industries

Not a mentor or Mentee?

Alisons Story
You can still get onboard without being a mentor or mentee.