Connect with Indigenous business women, to share knowledge in navigating the path less trodden. No matter where you are in your business journey, you have wisdom to share.

01  Finding A Mentor

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“I always say to anyone who wants to start business, go and get a mentor. You need somebody you can have a conversation with and an open and honest conversation.” Helen Martin, Banubanu Beach Resort

02  Being A Mentor

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“The stand out for me when I was a mentoring other young people and young women in particular was, when they might have said to me that they were, until that moment, feeling invisible.” Rebecca Wessels, Ochre Dawn Creative Industries

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The Deadly Details

Further information around the program and some frequently asked questions.

The Deadly Details
Rebecca Wessels Alana Kennedy

Mentorship Code of Conduct

For further information about the Code of Conduct please click the link below.

Mentorship Code of Conduct

A woman who only launched 6 months ago still has vast amount of experience which would be invaluable to a woman who is still nurturing the kernel of an idea for a business. We strongly encourage all women who register to consider selecting to be both a mentor and mentee.