8th June 2021

SWSB have partnered with Terri Janke to provide you two unique must attend workshops, exclusively for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander women. These workshops a jammed packed with useful tools and must know information for Indigenous women entrepreneurs, as well as being able to connect through networking, to seek support and to share your own journey with like-minded women.

Our Women Our Business - Law Way online workshop

Date: Tuesday 29 June 2021
Time: 9:30am – 4:00pm
Location: Online

This full day online workshop is designed to inform participants on Indigenous business and the law. Terri will share her expert knowledge of the legal obligations when getting into business while sharing her story. Workshop participants will learn the legal issues around:

  • How to start a business.
  • Your obligations when selling goods and services.
  • Managing financial reporting and employment obligations.
  • Working with written contracts and agreements.
  • How intellectual property (IP) and branding operate in your business.
  • How to protect Indigenous cultural and intellectual property (ICIP).
  • Opportunities with the Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP).

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Our Women Our Business - Joint Venture & the Law online workshop

Date: Wednesday 30 June 2021
Time: 9:30am – 4:00pm
Location: Online

This full day online workshop is designed to help with the business development for Indigenous women in business, entrepreneurs, organisations, representative bodies, and prescribed body corporates (PBCs) who are considering a joint venture (JV). This workshop will be presented by one of the Terri Janke and Company team.

Workshop participants will become informed on important areas of joint venture and the law:

  • Overview and opportunities of JVs.
  • Black cladding issues and JVs.
  • Building solid foundations.
  • Intellectual property and branding.
  • Indigenous cultural and intellectual property.
  • Sub-contracting issues.
  • Sharing stories, case studies and scenarios
  • Take-away points, including a checklist for Indigenous businesses.

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Information on Dr Terri Janke

Terri Janke is an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander lawyer and businesswoman. She has been running her own law firm for more than 20 years. The firm’s expertise includes commercial law, intellectual property, protection of cultural heritage, governance, employment, mediation, and business mentoring.